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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 11

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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 11A digest of small boat designs and plans edited and published by Mike O'Brien.
December 1995
Cover Illustration: Willy Winship. A sailing skiff from John Atkin.
Boat Design Quarterly No. 11 Contents,
Spur II. An elegant 15 ft. clinker plywood pulling boat drawn by Phil Bolger.
Particulars LOA 15'4" (4.67m), Beam 4'6" (1.37m), Weight 100 lbs (45 kg).
Pilot. A traditional 26 ft sloop/schooner based on traditional Pilot Cutters drawn by George Stadel Jr.
Particulars LOD 26'10" (8.18m), DWL 22'5" (6.83m), Beam 8'0" (2.44m), Draft 4'0" (1.22m), Sail Area, sloop 376 sq.ft. (35 sq.m.) or schooner, 384 sq.ft. (36 sq.m.), Disp. 8,000 lbs (3,636 kg). Construction traditional plank on frame.
Willy Winship. A flat-bottomed sailing skiff by John Atkin.
Particulars, LOA 13'9" (4.19m), Beam 4'10" (1.47m) Draft CB up 5"(0.125m) CB down 2'3" (0.69m), Weight 200-250 lbs. (91 -114 kg), Sail Area 92 sq.ft. (8.5 sq.m.) Construction Traditional or plywood. (Dalton Young can supply the plans, new £15.00 inc VAT. Construction was covered in the Boatman Magazine, details on request.)
Tricia and Echo. Two high performance cruising trimarans drawn by Dick Newick.
Particulars, LOA 36'0" (10.97m), LWL 34'0" (10.36m), BOA 23'0" (7.01m), Draft 1'6" to 5'9" (0.46 to 1.75m), Sail Area 554-654 sq.ft. (52-61 sq.m), Disp 4,000 lbs (1818 kg). Construction Sheet Plywood/epoxy.
Particulars, LOA 35'11" (10.95m), LWL 34'8" (10.57m), BOA 28'0" (8.53m)Draft 1'6" to 6'6" (0.46 to 1.98m), Sail area 728 sq.ft. (68 sq.m), Disp 5,000 lbs (2,273 kg). Construction Cedar strip with glass/epoxy sheath.
Bartender 22. A fast and able 23 ft. planing double-ended motor launch drawn by George Calkins.
Particulars, LOA 22'7" (6.88m), LWL 18'7" (5.66m), Beam 7'10" (2.39m), Draft 1'6" (0.46m), Disp 3,275 lbs (1,489 kg), Power 70-200 hp (52-150 kW). Construction Sheet plywood over sawn frames.
28 ft. ULDB Sloop. drawn by Carl Schumacher. Light and fast racer/cruiser for home building.
Particulars, LOA 28'0" (8.53m), DWL 24'10" (7.57m), Beam 8'4" (2.54m), Draft 1'3" to 5'9" (0.38 to 1.75m), Disp 3,100 lbs (1,409 kg), Sail area 342 sq.ft.(32 sq.m). Construction, balsa-cored glass with plywood decks.