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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 7

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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 7A digest of small boat design and plans edited and published by Mike O'Brien.
August 1994.
Cover Illustration: Badger by Jay Benford.
Boat Design Quarterly No. 7 Contents,
Sallee Rover. A 20' shoal-draft sloop/yawl by Sam Crocker.
Particulars, LOD 20'0" (6.10m), LWL 16'10" (5.13m), Beam 7'7" (2.31m), Draft CB up 2'0" (0.61m), Draft CB down 3'10" (1.17m), Disp 3,825 lbs (1739 kg), Sail area 218 sq.ft. (20.27 sq.m). Construdtion, traditional wood.
Plank on Frame, the structure of a wooden boat, in this case Sallee Rover above, illustrated by Sam Manning in seven sequential stages.
Idaho. Easy to build, an efficient outboard cruiser by Phil Bolger.
Particulars, LOA 31'0" (9.45m), Beam 5'3" (1.60m), Draft 6" (0.15m), Power 7-25 hp (5 to 18 kW).
Sea Urchin. A 11'6" beach cruiser from David Stimson Marine.
Particulars, LOA 11'6" (3.51m), Beam 4'6" (1.37m), Draft, not much, Sail Area 54 sq.ft. (5 sq,m). Construction, cedar on oak, or plywood.
Badger A 34' double-ended cruising dory from Jay Benford.
Particulars, LOA 34'0" (10.36m), LWL 28'0" (8.53m), Beam 11'0" (3.35m), Draft 4'6" (1.37m), Sail area 600 sq.ft. (56 sq.m), Disp 10,400 lbs (4727 kg), of which ballast 4,160 lbs (1,890 kg). Ratios: SA/Disp 20.15, Disp/Length 211, Ballast/Disp 40%. Construction, glued plywood hull.
Norwalk Islands 26. A modern self-righting sharpie from Bruce Kirby.
Particulars, LOA 26'3" (8.00m), DWL 22'6" (6.86m), Beam 7'11" (2.451m), Draft CB up 10" (0.25m) CB down 5'10' (1.78m), Sail area 302-340 sq.ft. (28-32 sq.m), Disp 3,700 lbs (1682 kg). Construction, ply and epoxy.