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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 6

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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 6A digest of small boat design plans edited and published by Mike O'Brien.
March 1994.
Cover illustration: Rascal by Ken Bassett
BDQ No. 6 Contents,
Maid of Endor. An engaging pocket cruiser designed by John Atkin.
Particulars, LOD 20'4" (5.89), LWL 18'6" (5.64m) Beam 7'8" (2.34m), Draft 3'4" (1.02m), Sail area 335 sq.ft. (31 sq.m.) Disp 5,200 lbs (2,363 kg), Ballast 1,100 lbs (500 kg). Ratios: SA/Disp 17.9, Disp/Length 366, Ballast/Disp 21.2%. Construction traditional carvel.
Fisherman's Skiff, drawn from the original by Dave Dillon.
Particulars LOA 12'0" (3.66m), Beam 4'0" (1.22m), Draft not much, Weight 110 lbs (50kg). Traditional wood or plywood.
Windward 21 & 24. Chesapeake Camp Cruisers from Karl Stambaugh.
W21 Particulars. LOD 21'0" (6.40m), LWL 18'8" (5.69m), Beam 6'9"(2.06m), Draft CB up 1'4"(0.41m), Draft CB down 3'0" (0.91m), Weight 1,200 lbs(545 kg), Sail area 156 sq.ft.14.5 (sq.m).
W24 Particulars LOD 24'0" (7.32m), LWL 22'5" (6.83m), Beam 8'0" (2.44m), Draft CB up 1'4" (0.41m) CBdown 3'6" (1.07m), Weight 2,200 lbs (1000 kg), Sail area 200-320 sq.ft. (19-30 sq.m).
Construction ply and epoxy.
Bolger Catamaran, 32' of Cheap speed.
Particulars. LOA 31'6" (9.6m), Beam Overall 15'10"(4.83m), Draft CB up 0'6" (0.15m), Draft CB down 3'4"(1.02m), Sail Area 277 sq.ft. (26 sq.m). Construction ply and epoxy.
Rascal, a 15' mahogany outboard runabout from Ken Bassett.
Particulars. LOA 14'10"(4.52m), Beam 5'4" 1.63m), Draft, at rest, 6" (0.15m), Hull Weight 420 lbs(191 kg), Power up to 60 hp (45kW). Construction double diagonal plywood with mahogany planks lined fore and aft over.
Skimmer's New Rig. A replacement Solent Lug for Phil Bolger's Black Skimmer