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Boat Design Quarterly No. 4

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Boat Design Quarterly No. 4A digest of small boat design and plans edited and published by Mike O'Brien.
June 1993.
Cover illustration: Joel White’s Bridges Point 24.
Boat Design Quarterly No. 4 Contents,
Whilly Boat. Lapstrake Daysailer and beach cruiser by Iain Oughtred
LOA 14’6" (4.42m), Beam 4'7" (1.40m), Sail area 74 sq.ft. (6.88 sq.m) Standing Lug, and 80 sq.ft. (7.44 sq.m) Gunter or balanced lug.
Based on traditional Shetland workboats this rugged double ender makes good use of plywood and epoxy.
Little Moby. A rough water outboard skiff by Charles Wittholz
LOA 14'6" (4.42m), (1.68m), Draft 10" (.25m), Disp 650 lbs (295 kg), Power 40 hp (30 kw). Construction Plywood over frames.
Six Hour Canoe A solo boat for warm and sheltered waters.
LOA 15'4" (4.67m), Beam 32" (0.81m), Weight 50 lbs (23 kg). Construction sheet ply and epoxy.
38' (11.7M) Fantail Yacht. designed by Jay Benford. A fuel efficient coastal cruiser.
LOA 38'0" (11.58m), LWL 34'6" (10.52m), Beam 12'0" (3.66m), Draft 2'9" (0.84m), Disp 11,765 lbs (5347 kg). Construction wood/epoxy composite.
Sprite. An Atkins designed flat-bottomed outboard boat.
LOA 14'10" (4.52m), LWL 14'0" (4.27m), Beam 4'10" (1.47m), Draft not much, Power 6 hp (4.48 kw). Construction traditional wood,
23' (7.0M) Motorsailer for outboard power from Phil Bolger. Simple, fast, roomy.
LOA 22'7" (6.88m), Beam 8'0" (2.44m), Draft 9" (0.23m), Sail area 265 Sq.ft. (25 sq.m) Disp 1846 lbs (840 kg), Power 35 hp (26 kw) Construction ply/epoxy.
Bridges Point 24. (7.4M) Daysailer, traditional design, modern construction. Designed by Joel White.
LOA 24'0" (7.32m), LWL 18'8" (5.69m), Beam 7'6" (2.29m), Draft 3'5" (1.04m), Sail area 278 sq.ft. (26 sq.m), Disp 3,944 lbs (1,793 kg) of which ballast 2,100 (955 kg).
Ratios: SA/disp 17.82, Disp/Length 270.6, Ballast/Disp 53.2%. Construction GRP hull with wooden decks and house.