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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 3

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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 3A digest of small boat designs and plans published and edited by Mike O'Brien.
Boat Design Quarterly No. 3 January 1993
Cover illustration Shore Liner.
Catbird 18. a simply constructed trailerable pocket cruiser by Karl Stambaugh.
LOD 18'0" (5.49m), LWL 17'6" (5.33m), Beam 8'0" (2.44m), Draft CB up 12" (0.30m), Sail Area 204 or 153 sq.ft. (18.97 or 14.23 sq.m), Disp 2000 lbs (909 kg), Ballast 6 lbs (272 kg) Construction Plywood over frames.
Morris Canoe. A Canadian style open canoe in wood, canvas and other options.
LOA 17'1" (5.21m), Beam 33" (0.84m), Weight, Wood & Canvas 85 lbs (38 kg), Wood Strip on frame 95lbs (43 kg), Wood Strip Glass, 85 lbs (38 kg).
Chewonki Kayak. Greenland Heritage, inexpensive plywood construction. Designed by David Lake.
LOA 19'3" (5.87m), Beam 24" (0.61m), Weight 70 lbs (32 kg). Construction plywood over frames.
Searunner 34. A cruising trimaran by Jim Brown.
LOA 34'0" (10.36m), LWL 31'1" (9.47m), Beam 20'9" (6.32m), Draft CB up 2'10" (0.86m) CB down 6'5" (1.96m), Sail area 505 sq.ft. (46.97 sq.m), Disp 7,950 lbs (3,613 kg), Ballast none. Aux power not stated. Construction sheet plywood over bulkheads and frames.
Jenny Wren. A timeless canoe yawl from Weston Farmer.
LOD 21'8" (6.6m), LWL 18'3" (5.56m), Beam 7'6" (1.98m), Draft 3'10" (1.17m), Sail area 321 sq.ft. (29.85 sq.m), Disp 5,470 lbs (2,486 kg), of which ballast 1,500 lbs (682 kg),
Ratios SA/Disp 16.5, Disp/Length 401, Ballast/Disp 27.4%. Construction traditional carvel over frames.
Hawkeye. 18' 6" (5.7M) Bolger box keel power sharpie.
LOA 18'6" (5.64m), Beam 8'0" (2.44m), Weight 950 lbs (432 kg), Power 8-50 hp (6-37 kw). Construction Sheet plywood over longitudinal members and frames.
Shore Liner. Simplicity, character and shoal draft from William and John Atkin.
LOD 24'0" (7.32m), LWL 22'0" (6.71m), Beam 9'0" (2.74m), Draft 1'0" (0.30m), Sail area 363 sq.ft. (33.76 sq.m), Disp 3,000 lbs (1363 kg) of which ballast 600 lbs (27.27 kg). Construction plank on frame or plywood