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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 2

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Boat Design Quarterly Issue No. 2
Cover illustration Valgerda an 18'7" Hardangersjekte drawn by John Atkin .
Lapstrake Canoe by Bob Stephens, light, elegant and versatile.
LOA 14'9" (4.50M), LWL 13'11" (4.24m), Beam 33" (0.84m), Weight 41 lbs (18.64kg). Construction glued plywood.
Spark. a 28 Ft. (8.6M) Trimaran by Dick Newick. This light cruiser combines simplicity with speed.
LOA 27'11" (8.51m), LWL 27'4" (8.33m), Beam 22'5" (6.83m), Draft CB up, 1'3" (0.38m) CB down 6'0" (1.80m), Sail Area 350 sq.ft. (32.55 sq.m), Disp 3000 lbs (1364 kg). Construction Wood composite.
Valgerda. a 18 Ft. Hardangersjekte by John Atkin. A striking double-ender form perfected by evolution.
LOA 18'7" (5.66m), LWL 14'9" (4.50m), Beam 5'8" (1.73m), Draft 1'7" (0.48m), Sail area 72 sq.ft. (6.70 sq.m), Weight 550 lbs. (250kg).
Whalewatcher. 29 Ft. (8.9M) Sailing cruiser by Phil Bolger. The designer returns to first principles in this remarkable design.
LOD 29'0" (8.84m), Beam 6'6" (1.98m), Draft 11" (0.28m), Sail area 410 sq.ft. (38.13 sq.m), Disp. 4750 lbs (2159 kg).
Day-Racing Schooner. Phil Bolger's variation on a theme (Triangle) by John Alden
LOD 39'9" (12.12m), LWL 29'0" (8.84m), Beam 8'11" (2.72m), Draft 4'6" (1.37m), Sail area 706 sq.ft. (65.66 sq.m), Disp. 11,850 lbs (5386 kg) of which ballast 5000 lbs (2273 kg)
Ratios: SA/Disp 21.8, Disp/Length 217, Ballast/Disp 42.2%. Construction carvel wood.
Ocean Pointer. a 19.5 Ft. (6.0M) Maine-style outboard Skiff designed by David Stimson.
LOA 19'6" (5.94m), Beam 6'9" (2.06m), Draft 7" (0.17m) Weight 1,200 lbs (545 kg), Power 25-75 hp (18.65 - 55.95 kw) Construction strip planked over plywood bulkheads.
Windward 17. A Chesapeake Day Sailer by Karl Stambaugh.
LOA 17'6" (5.33m), Beam 5'4" (1.63m), Draft CB up 1'1" (0.33m) CB down 2'0" (0.61m), Sail area 85 sq.ft. (7.91 sq m) Construction 'traditional' plywood over frames.
Scrimshaw. Jay Benford's robust pocket cruiser offers a choice of two different hulls, four different rigs and three different construction methods.
LOD 19'0" (5.85m), LWl 16'9" (5.11m), Beam 7'0" (2.13m), Draft 2'6" or 3'6" (0.76m or 1.07m), Disp. 4120 lbs (1873 kg) of which ballast 1200 lbs (545kg).
Ratios SA/Disp 15.8 - 21.3, Disp/Length 391, Ballast/Disp 29%.

Finally 'By the Numbers' the editor's explanation of the ratios used above.