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The Propeller Handbook

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The Propeller HandbookBy Dave Gerr
Sub-titled the Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing and Understanding Boat Propellers
Selected Contents.
Power: Understanding Engine Performance
Estimating Speed: Effects of Power, Weight and Hull Type.
Propeller Anatomy: Parts and definitions
Blade Characteristics: Blade shape, Cavitation, Special Propellers, and Rules of Thumb
Crouch's Propeller Method: The Empirical Method for Calculating Propellers using Slip
The BP-d Method: The Power Factor Method for Calculating Propellers
Installation Considerations: Blade Clearances, Shafting and Propeller Weight
Tugs and Trawlers: High-thrust, Variable-loading, Controllable-pitch, and Ducted Propellers
Sailboats, Outboards, and Go-Fast Wrinkles.
Propellers for Special Applications
Measuring the Hull: Procedures for determining displacement
Measuring the Propeller: Procedure for finding diameter and pitch
Shaft Taper and Coupling Dimensions
Manufacturers and Suppliers
Bibliography and Index.
152 pp. B&W drawings, tables and graphs.