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Plans and Dreams Volume 2 by Paul Gartside

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Plans and Dreams Volume 2 by Paul Gartside
A brand new book of designs and plans by well-known naval architect and boat builder Paul Gartside. The book contains detailed plansets for 20 small boat designs aimed at the amateur or professional boatbuilder. Each planset gives the lines and offsets, construction details, accommodation plan and sail plan. Each article is accompanied by the designer's own commentary highlighting the history, the design concept, and any particular points of construction requiring specialised knowledge. The book is laid out landscape fashion and measures 30 x 23 cm (12" x 9"). Illustrated with B&W and colour photos, with fully detailed plansets. A must for any small boat enthusiast. Full-size drawings are also available from the designer and as electronic downloads.

Chapter 1. 8ft. 6in  (2.59 m) Rowing and Sailing Pram Dinghy "Porgy".
Chapter 2. 34ft. 0in. (10.36 m) Motor Cruiser (In the Spirit of Wylie Blanchet's The Curve of Time.)
Chapter 3. 23ft. 8in (7.21 m) Shelburne Church Skiff. (His version of the 4-oared Ayles Skiffs in Scotland.)
Chapter 4. 24ft. 0in (7.32m) Double-ended Cutter, Hannah II
Chapter 5. 14ft. 0in. (4.27m) Outboard Skiff. 
Chapter 6.  43ft. 0in. (13.12m) Steel Motor Sailer. 
Chapter 7. 11ft. 0in. (3.35m) and 12ft 3in. (3.73m) Flat Bottomed Dinghies.
Chapter 8. An essay on the subject "What's the Point of Traditional Rigs?"
Chapter 9. 6.1m (20ft. 0in.) Daysailer, Terror.
Chapter 10. 16ft. 3in. (4.95m) Outboard Skiff.
Chapter 11. 2.45m and 3.05m (8ft. 0in. & 10ft. 0in.) Clinker Prams.
Chapter 12. 16 ft. (4.8m) Double-ended Skiff. 
Chapter 13. 26 ft. 0in. (7.92m) Motor Cruiser Turmoil.
Chapter 14. 8ft. 2in. (2.49m) Child's Rowboat.
Chapter 15. 20ft. (6.10m) Motor Sloop
Chapter 16. Essay, Postcard from Saskatchewan.
Chapter 17. 20ft. 4in. (6.2m) Sailing Pram.
Chapter 18. 24ft. (7.30m) Trailerable Houseboat.
Chapter 19. 16ft. (4.78m) Gaff Sloop.
Chapter 20. 30 ft. (9.14m) Schooner Scooter.
Chapter 21. 17ft. (5.18m) Outboard Runabout.
Chapter 22. 14ft. (4.27m) Plywood Pram.