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Plans & Dreams Volume 1 by Paul Gartside

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Plans & Dreams Volume 1 by Paul GartsidePlans & Dreams  Vol. 1.
This new publication from Paul Gartside contains full plans, lines, offsets, accommodation, sail plan and construction details for 23 of the author's own distinctive designs. Each set of plans is accompanied by the designer's commentary highlighting the attributes, history, design requirement and concept, and unusual construction details for each project.
Ch. 1, 16 ft. Sloop Basher
Ch.2, 12 ft double-ended rowing or pulling boat.
Ch.3, 18 ft waterfront workboat/tug.
Ch. 4, 6 metre centreboard Lugger.
Ch. 5, 12 ft. outboard Skiff.
Ch. 6, 18 ft. centreboard Cutter
Ch. 7, 9 ft. plywood Pram
Ch. 8, 16 ft. double-ended Sloop
Ch. 9, 13 ft. double-ended Motor Launch Loopen
Ch. 10, 15 ft Shelburne Picnic Dory
Ch. 11, 10 ft. sailing Pram Spitfire
Ch. 12, 17 ft. Coastal Rowing Boat.
Ch. 13, 14 ft. flat-bottomed Outboard Skiff
Ch. 14, 18 ft. double-ended Cutter Heathen
Ch. 15, 15 ft. River Fal Oyster Punt
Ch. 16, 5.5 metre Gentleman's Launch
Ch. 17, 19 ft. Double-ended Day Sailer Sjogin III
Ch. 18, 14 ft. Double-ended Skiff Dispatch
Ch. 19, 20 ft. Steam Canoe
Ch. 20, 12 ft. Catboat 'CFA'
Ch. 21, 17 ft. Outboard Skiff Boson
Ch. 22, 5.2 metre Centreboard Yawl
Ch. 23, 26 ft. Shoal-draft Cutter
Ch. 24 Mast Ironwork
The plans are also available as 'full size' prints, or as electronic downloads, from the author/designer. 
Special Introductory Offer. Get 25% off the download price when you buy this book. Offer now extended to Dec. 31st 2017 and applies to multiple plan sets, and any of the designer's stock plans. To have the download plans printed to scale you will need to take or send the file to a local copy shop. Sheet size is typically 36" x 24". (92 x 61 cm).