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The Gaff Rig Handbook

The Gaff Rig HandbookSub-titled ' History ~ Design ~ Techniques ~ Development.
First published by Adlard Coles in 1970 as part of a series of three books on working sails, Gaff Rig, Spritsails and Lugsails, and Barges, it has been in print more or less continuously ever since.
Contents, -
Masts and Spars
Standing Rigging
Running Rigging
Gaff Sails and Basic Sailmaking
Gaff Topsails
The Boomless Gaff Sail
The Catboat
The Sloop
The Cutter
Cutter Yachts
The Essex Smacks
The Solent and Poole Fishing Boats
Pilot Cutters and Schooners
The Yawl
The Ketch
The Schooner
The Fishing Schooners of New England and Nova Scotia
The Fishing Boats of North West England
The Little Ships of Denmark
On the West Coast of France